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Make Possibilities Happen

Make Possibilities Happen: How to Transform Ideas into Reality (BOOK)

(Stanford Library)

Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House

Ink, pulp, words, initiative

5.56 x 0.53 x 7.25 inches

Possibility is the ability to see something in your imagination and materialize it in real life. You already possess (almost) everything you need to make things happen—this book helps you find your way. Content of this book is based on 30+ years of entrepreneurship, classroom teaching and scientific research.



Book author

Stanford, Celia Leung





A handheld creativity crash course on how to link your ideas to action distilled from decades of teaching, research and launching harebrained ideas.

The book exposes inherent mind traps and shares tips and tricks to supercharge your brain to transform your possibilities to life.

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