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Creativity Research

On Creative Capacity Building

Through the generosity of the Hasso Plattner Institute, Stanford's, and Dr. Allan Reiss' Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research Center at Stanford, we studied the neuro-cognitive foundation and sustainability of creative capacity enhancement and design thinking.


Scientific research


Hasso Plattner Institute, Stanford, Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research


2011 - 2022


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Using an amalgam of design-thinking skills training from the (ME366: Creative Gym), state of the art neuroimaging methodologies (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; fMRI), and a well-established battery of neuropsychological assessments we examined: (1) what brain regions facilitate creative thinking; (2) whether we can enhance creative

capacity in healthy adults using targeted but domain-general design-thinking-based training; (3) which brain regions would facilitate this enhancement of creativity; and (4) whether enhanced creative capacity can be sustained, with or without additional skills training, when assessed at short-and long-term follow-up.

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